I’m going to make a list of something. Tonight, like any other night, having found no other alternative, proposed the exciting idea of sleep to me. But then I realized, sleep isn’t and has never been the biggest go-alonger and naturally it has appointed tonight as the night it wants to play hard to get. Like a foolish lover I was left with no options but to play along. Game plan: I’ll buy time. I am going to make a list. Nothing definite, I’ll probably change my mind about whatever’s in it by morning, but that’s another day.

5 words I find interesting

1. Interesting

When say someone shows you a painting, asks ‘what do you think’ and you cock you head, pause for two seconds and say ‘hmm… interesting’, the whole room seems to suddenly fill itself with this viscous liquid that reeks of ‘she thinks it’s awful but isn’t quick witted enough to think of something polite to say’. But really, as opposed to that love-at-first sight situation where the words ‘i LOVE it’ just comes plummeting out with complete disregard to your vocal traffic lights, ‘interesting’ to me really just means ‘Oh hello there painting, look at you in your proud little puddle of glory. Hold it there, I really can’t make up my mind about you, but if you give me time I’ll give you this: you’re not boring me, yet, so astound me before my ADD kicks in and I’ll bestow upon you a little gold star and a a disgustingly lavish dose of attention span every time I return your gaze.’ What people don’t realize is that in the 9 alphabets between i & g, there really was a 73 word conversation including all the polite dictions that mama taught me. It’s neutral, no negative connotations involved, so out with that look of some punctured balloon. Please and thank you.

2. Strange

It wasn’t beautiful. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t gross. It wasn’t insane. It wasn’t ugly. It wasn’t awful. It wasn’t loud. It wasn’t stupid. It wasn’t genius. It wasn’t incredible. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good. It was strange.

So it made me wonder.


And that was beautiful.

3. Foolish

We all are at one point or another. Some just laugh it off louder than others.

4. Anyway(s)

Winning in my daily count of most used vocabulary. Also that curvy looking 7th wheel drops in from time to time to remind me of how English as a second language crept up upon me since babytimes never, ever making up its mind as British or American or something.

5. Whatever.

word no. 5 visually explained


Anyways. New blog. The plan was to make this fashion only. But you know me and my ADD. Kicked in before I reached the fourth word of the post.